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Benzyl Cinnamate


Synonyms: Benzyl 3-phenyl propenoate; Cinnamic acid benzyl ester
Molecular Formula: C16H14O2
Molecular Weight: 238.29
CAS Number: 103-41-3
EG/EC Number: 203-109-3
FEMA Number: 2142
CoE Number: 331



Melting Point: 34-37℃
Boiling Point: 228-230℃ at 22mmHg
Density: 1.109g/ml at 15℃
Solubility: insoluble in water, glycerin and soluble in alcohol



Appearance: white to pale yellow crystal or pale yellow liquid
Acid Number: 1.0mgKOH/g max


Storage and Packing

Packing: as required



Odor Description: sweet balsam floral fruity cherry
Benzyl Cinnamate is a common used flavoring agent and used as a perfumery fixer.

Safety Infromation

Safety Statement: 22-24/25