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UV 571



Synonyms: 2-(2H-Benzotriazol-2-yl)-6-(dodecyl)-4-methylphenol, branched and linear
Molecular Formula: C25H35N3O

Molecular Weight: 393.56
CAS Number:





Appearance: Clear viscous yellow liquid


Storage and Packing

Packing: 20kgs net plastic drum



UV 571 is liquid benzotriazole type UV adsorber with high solubility in many solvents and substrates.  It can be applied in thermoplastic PUR,coating and integral foams, rigid and plasticized PVC, PVB, PMMA, hot cured unsaturated polyesters and spin finishes for PA, PET, PUR, and PP fibers. It can also used in emulsion, latices, styrene polymers, elastomers,polyolefins, adhesives and inks.

Safety Infromation